5 Amazing Korean Makeup Trends That You Should Try in 2020

Read this blog to know about the Korean makeup trends that you should try in 2020.

The Korean beauty has been in trend these days. You must have probably heard about the Korean skincare routine, but you might not be aware of other Korean beauty trends that deserve equal appreciation. The Korean beauty market is among the top 10 beauty markets in the world. In this blog, I will tell you about Korean makeup trends that you should try in 2020.

Often packed in beautiful colours and adorned with cartoon characters, Korean makeup products are too cute to ignore. Not only are they adorable to look at, but they also provide various health benefits.

Korean beauty has been ruling the social media platforms for quite some time now. With its glass skincare routine, it created a buzz on the internet. These days it’s not just Asian women who are intrigued to know about the current and best Korean makeup trends straight from Seoul.

With Korea in the limelight of the global beauty industry, and becoming progressively popular in Western countries, it only makes sense that many beauty trends are stemming from South Korea.

Let me tell you about 5 amazing Korean Makeup Trends That You Should Try in 2020

Glass skincare routine and Glossy lips will be everything in 2020

We are no stranger to glass skincare routine which was a huge trend in 2019. This year the Korean beauty industry is really taking the gloss up a notch. With the whole world still infatuating over matte lipsticks, Korean beauty has moved on to the glowing and glossy finish. Glass like the skin is a term used for super smooth, flawless, even-toned and lustrous skin that looks like glass. The skin appears to be very youthful and glowy in this makeup routine.

Under Eye Blush

Just like Japanese Feverish/Hungover Blush trend from last year, more Koreans are using blush underneath their eyes which creates a more youthful appearance. The alluring pastel or coral shades draws attention to the centre of the face. An undereye blush will go well with light eyeshadows. This makeup requires very little effort and leaves you looking lively.

Glitter and Mascara are here to stay

Glitter eyes were all the madness in 2019, and it seems like it will stick around this year too. Adding glitter over a nude or light brown shade on the eyelids draws light to the eyes and right away makes it sparkle and look even brighter. Pairing it with a good quality mascara will help your eyes to pop. Seems like Koreans know their beauty trends way too well.

Not so Gradient Lip

Gone are the days of gradient lipstick trend. While the gradient lip trend will always be archetypal to K-Beauty, more and more people are inclining towards bold lipstick with solid finishes. Full-on lipstick is making its way back in the game.

Cream Mist for Cream Skin

Cream skin has been predicted to take off in 2020. Cream skin has already started creating a buzz in the beauty industry. Achieve this look by using a toner and a moisturizer with light and milky texture. You can also try cream mists which creates a boundary that keeps skin’s water content in balance and prevents it from evaporating throughout the day. It gives a more hydrated look to your skin.

Korean consumers are very insightful about different cosmetic and beauty trends. Apart from being trendy, Korean makeup is also eco-conscious. Try out these Korean Beauty Trends in 2020 and let us know about your experience. Follow prettylittlestuffs.com to stay in touch with the latest beauty trends. Visit my website for more information on makeup, beauty and lifestyle.

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