How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup?

How To Get Flawless Skin Without Makeup? Read this blog to know more.

Flawless skin is a common goal everyone wishes to achieve. Recall those few golden days when our face has this amazing look, smooth as butter, free of marks or acne; but just when we have an event approaching, there’s breaking out, dark, upturned caves make a visit. I totally agree with you, it sucks to be there! Then some of us resort to makeup, which clogs our pores further and the cycle continues.

However, I feel if we make the tough decision to reduce or ditch makeup completely, our skin would breathe better and thus we will be able to achieve “Flawless skin” as health restores. So let’s dive into the steps to achieve flawless skin without makeup.

Take (extra) care of your skin

  • Treat your skin just like a baby, do not touch it unnecessarily and popping pimples is a big NO! To stop yourself from doing that, try to keep your hands busy and whenever you catch yourself engaging in this crime against your skin, STOP!
  • There’s a theory which you can try out which is called the rubber band method. To begin with, place a rubber band around your wrist. Each time you catch yourself popping pimples, snap the rubber band. Through the power of conditioning, your mind will associate pain with popping pimples and you will soon stop yourself even before you realize it, without the rubber band! Slightly painful but worth the result if you have been frustrated with your habits ruining stuff.
  • Avoid using hot water on your skin, always go with cooler showers

Establish certain acts in routine

  • Washing your face every time you finish your workout and in regular intervals throughout the day is a crucial step. Sometimes we go without washing our face for 3-4 hours and find our skin to be loathed in oil. This is a very common issue with many of us because of our busy lifestyle. Simply setting scheduled reminders in your phone will help you take a break and refresh yourself with a cool splash!
  • Use skin products which suit your skin type, for which you will first have to determine your skin type and rule out any skin-related medical problems.
  • Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Before you decide this is not for you because you have oily skin, hold on! Moisturizer will not make your skin more oily if you use the right one! As a rule of thumb, read the labels of all skin related products and in case of moisturizer, check if it’s formulated for oily skin. Moisturize at least once a day, preferably before hitting the bed.
  • Apply sunscreen every day. Fine lines, wrinkles, acne and discolouration, a well-suited sunscreen with SPF 30 will be your shield against all these enemies of your skin. Guarding you against skin damage. Look for non- comedogenic on the label for non-oil based varieties.
  • Exfoliation on a weekly basis cleans up your pores because let’s face it, living in today’s era, our environment is too polluted to be light on our skin, so dirt is bound to get settled on our skin’s surface. Exfoliation is to be avoided if you have any medical issues. Another tip is whenever you exfoliate, avoid applying pressure or being harsh to your skin and rather focus on gentle, circular motions.
  • Massaging is another technique to be practised for good skin health. It’s a part of exfoliation yet can be practised separately to mimic the effect of salon-like facials. I know the feeling of facial at the parlour is totally different, it’s heavenly relaxing, yet if that’s not possible, a quick massage, with some cream for lubrication will help increase blood flow to your skin’s surface and replenish it with nutrients.

The internal care

  • Yes, we cannot ignore diet and other factors affecting our skin health significantly. I know you are aware of them, yet we humans need reminders from time to time to stay motivated. So, let’s quickly brush over them too.
  • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables. Make your colourful veggies a compulsory companion of your main meals. Your greens need a place too within your diet. For this, put on your chef hat and try to make veggies fun to have! There are so many interesting, healthy yet tasty recipes out there waiting to be discovered by you! If you are non-vegetarian, eggs and fish are your best friends for that Omega-3 dose!
  • Work on quitting smoking.
  • Junk food is called junk for a reason, try replacing them with naturally sweet or crunchy foods like fruits, nuts, carrots, sprouts, dates, berries and more! You can also get creative and try to prepare the healthier versions of your favourite snacks at home! (youtube is the hack
  • Prioritize your beauty sleep. Keep your eye mask ready, block all lights and noise and let go of everything. Relax. Get 7-8 hours of sleep but ensure they are of quality by following the steps above.
  • Hydration. Keep your water bottle handy. Get ready to pee more for the sake of your skin!
  • Sweat it out! Get the blood pumping all around your body and you’ll get a much-welcomed confidence boost too!

Remember, this particular blog serves the purpose to inform and remind you what’s best but the tough job to take care of your skin is yours. I say tough because it requires discipline. I won’t like to end the article saying there you go! Your flawless skin is here! But yes, if you follow the steps correctly and take good care of your health, your body will surely reward you with the gift of flawless skin! You’ll be proud of your hard work and once the right habits become a part of your lifestyle, then surely it’ll be a mastered art of yours!

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