20 Essential Makeup Tips For Beginners

20 Essential Makeup Tips For Beginners

Stepping into the game of makeup can be daunting at first. There are so many products out Stepping into the game of makeup can be daunting at first. Everybody will go around giving you different suggestions and all of this can leave you perplexed and helpless. This is why we have the 20 essential makeup tips for beginners lined just in place for you.

Firstly, know that you are a beginner, so don’t be so hard on yourself. Often, you might get frustrated about not getting that eyeliner stroke right or not being satisfied with your final look but don’t worry, mastering makeup takes time and so our number one tip would be to make it fun! And surely practice more if you wish to become a pro earlier. Now let’s dive into focusing on getting the basics right!


  • To get your eyeliner right, begin with waterproof eyeliner. To prevent regretting your buy, make sure you analyse your options well at the shop. You must be comfortable holding the body.
  • To get the perfect cat-eye look using two pieces of scotch tape. Check that the angle is the same for both the eyes. Go slow with the strokes and if your hand keeps shivering, fill in using dots and dashes instead of going for a single stroke.


  • Eyeshadows are our favourite part. It allows us to play with colour but it can get messy or dull if not done correctly. To ensure the shade makes a pop, apply a base of white eyeliner over your complete eyelids. Although it works to use your fingers to blend, it is advised to introduce eyeshadow brush to your hand early onwards and you’ll surely find a major difference.
  • Do your eye makeup first. If you want an “all eyes over me!” look, don’t settle with messed up eyes just because you did then last. Give yourself this lucky chance to correct your eye makeup using foundation or powder after you are done. Notice we began our “20 essential makeup tips for beginners” list from eyes. So, remember you have to go in the same order.


  • For mascara, precaution is the key. Have something for you to apply your mascara against, it could be a plastic spoon, a card, anything that works well for you. Place your protection between your skin surface and eyelashes, then apply it.
  • To achieve thicker appearing eyelashes, apply 2 to 3 coats of mascara and give time for each coat to dry out. You can also apply powder to your eyelashes using the mascara brush in between your fluid coats.

Applying Lipstick

  • Lip liners are super helpful to get your perfectly shaped lips! However, the key is to not overdo it otherwise, it will give an unnatural look and stand out as a separate stroke. That’s not what we want. So I repeat, do not overdo it and try to match the shade of lip liner with your lipstick.
  • To get the perfect finish, prep your lips using an exfoliating sugar scrub. This will clear off that worn out, chapped lips appearance and give you a smooth finish with your favourite lipstick!


  • Here comes the scary headteacher, only for you to find out, “Hey! She’s actually quite friendly!” Once you find the perfect shade matching your skin tone and practice enough, the foundation will become your best friend! So it’s okay if you get it wrong a few times, trial and error will lead you to the perfect match!
  • Apply a bit of foundation to your neck as well to stop you having that whitewashed face. Apply foundation in the right direction – downwards only! Otherwise, it will make your facial hair look more prominent.


Do not skip the primer!

  • Adjust the primer quantity based on your skin type. Dry skin can handle a quarter-size dollop however oily skin should stick to using only the bare minimum. Apply it just right and it will improve your look, apply too much and it will be a complete spoiler. Wait for at least a minute after applying the primer.


  • Apply your concealer in a cone shape (instead of the semi-circle) and extend it almost until the nose to get the best results.
  • Only go one or two shades below your natural skin tone and always tap and try to blend the concealer gently, never rub.


  • Concealer application depends strongly on using the right tool. For a full converge use a powder puff however if you want a subtle, glowy look, grab a powder brush instead.
  • Dust off excess powder and only apply it on the T region of the face. This is where most oil is produced. Don’t forget to tone the neck to the same shade as well.


  • Apply blush according to your face shape, for example, if you have a square-shaped face, try to have an impact on all of the cheekbones from the corner of the brow to the hairline. The same way you must find the blush style according to your face shape.
  • Take note you always have the option to make the versatile eyeshadow your blush, if you do not have one with you.

Few general tips

  • Invest in a brush set as different makeup items require different sizes of brushes. Clean them periodically.
  • Don’t share your makeup! Buy your own even if you start with a few products as you do not want to entertain the risk of infection at the beginning of your makeup endeavour!

With this, we end our list of 20 essential makeup tips for beginners and we are eager to know how it went for you! Let us know which tip came in handy for you! For more such content, keep visiting Prettylittlestuffs.com where you can find all the information you need related to makeup, skincare and lifestyle.

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