10 Haircare Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

10 Haircare Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair

Blessed are those days when our hair feels just like those models in hair product ads. It’s the happiness in little things, the moment when our hair feels light and voluminous or when we come from the parlour and our hair is smooth and silky, completely free of frizz! Taking good care of our hair can help us maintain them this way always! This is why we have got 10 Haircare Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair collected just for you.

Wash it regularly

It’s important to rinse your hair regularly if you need healthy and strong hair. Combine water and shampoo to leather. Directly applying chemicals in the hair can harm the roots, so dilution is the key. Use your fingertips to really kick that dirt out of the scalp, don’t forget to rinse away the shampoo as well. Neither the dirt nor the shampoo shall stay behind on your hair.

Frequency of cleansing your hair should be taken into considered. If your scalp is oily, rinsing your hair every alternate day works best. On the other hand, if you have dry scalp or dry hair, wash it two times per week.

Condition your hair

Conditioner is a magical tool that can convert rough, brittle, dry hair to smooth and silky hair. Same brand is preferred for shampoo and conditioner. Apply (apart from the scalp) for good ten mins and then rinse it with water.

Freshen up the strength with Oils

Oiling decreases the need for use of conditioner as oil retains the crucial oil present the cranium & also helps in hair nourishment Some people may advise against oiling due to the effect it has on dandruff, however, some amount of oiling is required to keep a healthy hair. If drandruff is an issue for you, keep the oil in the scalp for 1 to 2 hours only and then wash off completely. To avoid the collection of dirt, don’t make the mistake of keeping the oil overnight.

Choosing the right products

Giving careful thought while choosing your hair’s companions is a must. As a vigilant consumer, you must read the labels and all information mentioned on the bottle. Shampoos have sulphates that attack the same essential oils we were trying to recover by oiling. Thus, opt for lighter products if maintaining hale hair is on your priority list.

Try to change to homemade products

Nowadays, you can easily get shampoo and conditioner in the market. These have products/ingredients from the kitchen and are environment-friendly too. Just input of 10 minutes extra and you can make homemade hair masks.

Comb your hair, bottom-up

The way you comb your hair plays an important role. Start detangling your hair from the ends and move your way up to reduce the loss of hair. Remember that 100-150 strands is normal and not a big number so no need to stress yourself out.

Trim your hair regularly

Getting the hair trimmed by a minimum of an inch removes damaged tips, reduces the occurrence of split ends and lightens the weight on the scalp. If you have steps or layers then trimming once in two months is mandatory if you want to keep your hair’s health in place.

Tie your hair

Tying your hair (preferably into a braid) reduces the exposure of our precious, vulnerable hair to the pollution and harmful substances in the environment. Therefore, keep your hair tied up neatly most of the time and save that glam when you’ll need it the most! While stepping out in the sun, wrap a scarf to protect your hair against heat damage.

Try to use hacks instead of heat styling

Wrapping the towel around in wet hair, making fishtail braids and leaving them overnight, there are several ideas out there to curl your hair naturally. Some of them really give you that perfect look! However, if you still have to use heat stylers, use the ones of good quality with adequate heat protection, to protect your hair.

Top up your vitamins and minerals

Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin D are the jackpot combo for optimum hair health and growth. This combo is found in eggs, fish, nuts and colourful vegetables. Supplementation with fish oil capsules can also be taken. Adequate protein is necessary as the hair is all about necessary nutritions!

This is it from our side 10 haircare tips and tricks for healthy hair. It is very important to take care of your hair with heart and mind and be patient to reach your desired hair appearance as it takes time for a tree to grow and so does your hair. Give it time to recover from the damages caused over the years. Nourish your scalp like a baby plant and watch your hair’s transformation occur! Read the above blog to know 10 Haircare Tips To Maintain Healthy Hair.

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